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Event Planning & Reimbursement


This page contains important event-planning resources for student organizations. When an organization associated with the McCourt School of Public Policy plans an event, it must typically go through the following steps.

Important Updates

  • New Calendar: Georgetown recently launched a new events calendar system. If you would like to post an event to the calendar on the McCourt School website, please contact Cristal Clark to have it posted. If you are having a major event, and would like to have it posted to the main University calendar, please use this event submission form.

  • Virtual Event and Recording Release Form: If you are hosting a virtual event with a speaker from outside Georgetown, and you plan to either webcast that event or record it for posting on a Georgetown website at a later date, you must have the speaker fill out the Georgetown University Virtual Event & Recording Release Form

  • Please don’t hesitate to contact Cristal, Su or Lauren if you have any questions.

Event Check List (Required) - a PDF of this document is available here

  1. Register your event with McCourt (two weeks ahead preferred)!

  2. Email the MSA Secretary to confirm receipt of the Event Form and to provide graphics or a flyer for the Weekly McCourt Newsletter. Weekly newsletters are sent out Mondays at 8:30am. In order to have your event highlighted in the newsletter, you must provide the necessary details to the MSA Secretary by Thursday at 12pm.

  3. Reserve Space in Old North by Andy; for non-Old North use this form.

  4. If you’re serving alcohol, please fill out the TIPS (Alcohol) Request Form. Please refer to McCourt's Alcohol Policy for guidance.

  5. Complete the I Spent Money form if you made any payments.

  6. Fill out the Post-Event Evaluation Form.

  7. Reconcile your DBC payments and email the receipts here.

Optional items

  1. Apply for reimbursement for personal expenditures - the process of submission is included on the associated document.

  2. Reserve Equipment if needed.

Tax exemption forms

Marketing for your Event

  • Weekly McCourt Newsletter

    • Email the MSA Secretary with events by Thursday at 12:00 PM to be included in the following week’s Newsletter. Please include the name of the event, time, the event's location, RSVP details, a description of your event, and any associated flyers. 

  • McCourt Calendar

    • Refer to the Google calendar about a week after you submit your event form. Your event’s location, time, and RSVP details will have been added. Contact the MSA Secretary if you have any questions.

  • MSA Social Media 

    • Contact the MSA Secretary if you have any questions about advertising events via MSA social media channels.

    • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Our social media accounts are accessible at the bottom of this web page.

  • Graduate Student Government’s weekly email

  • You can also refer to the following cheat sheets:

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