Layla Oghabian | President
Layla is a very accomplished individual doing a lot of cool things.
Alex Oderman | Vice-President
Originally from the Boston area, Alex received her B.A. in English and Government (double major) at Connecticut College. Before McCourt, Alex worked as a corporate immigration paralegal. As VP, Alex helps coordinate interactions between student organizations at McCourt, works with Jacci to address student academic concerns, and serves as a liaison for the McCourt Alumni Board and Georgetown University Board of Governors. She also facilitates the annual State of McCourt event in the fall.
Keisuke Ozeki | Treasurer
Originally from Tokyo, Keisuke graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and worked in research before joining McCourt. He is passionate in studying civil rights and criminal justice policies. As the Treasurer, Keisuke is responsible for developing, keeping, and maintaining the MSA budget and coordinating with other student leaders throughout the year on budgetary matters.
Kunaal Kini | Secretary
Jagir Pipalia | Social Chair
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Amina Shahid
Lauren Fresconi
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