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AfriKa: African Policy Student Association is a recently founded student organization at the McCourt School of Public Policy and the first of its kind to focus on African policy issues. Our goal is to provide knowledge and enhance interest and awareness on African policy and development. We organize several activities during the academic year such as seminars, movie screenings or panels on topics related with the continent. Professors on public policy, political science or economy participate in our events as guest speakers. 

Whether you're a new or returning student, the African Policy Students Association welcomes everyone to be a member. Our hearts are wide and our joy is contagious. Let's talk policies and politics that affect the African continent!

Provisional Organizations

Black Perspectives on Public Policy

The mission of Black Perspectives on Public Policy (BPOPP) is to create a collaborative forum within the McCourt School of Public Policy that encourages inclusive discussion of public policy issues as they relate to the Black community. Through this student platform we hope to engage with both students and faculty of the McCourt School of Public Policy and Georgetown University community through exposure to substantive targeted programming, engagement with policy professionals, activism, and events that will impact the larger Georgetown University and local community. BPOPP also provides a social network for Black students at McCourt through social gatherings, team-building activities, and topic discussions. BPOPP welcomes all interested McCourt students in hopes of fostering connection, engagement, and contribution to the McCourt School and the larger Georgetown University community.

Migration & Refugee Policy Initiative

The McCourt Migration and Refugee Policy Initiative (MRPI) at the McCourt School of Public Policy aims to examine contemporary migration and refugee policies through student engagement with practitioners and researchers in the field.  The Initiative works to promote evidence-based policy discussions among the Georgetown community and engage with practitioners and researchers examining contemporary migration issues by: 1) Encouraging innovative policy ideas to address immigration and integration challenges more effectively; 2) Supporting advocacy efforts and expanding narratives around migration, and; 3) Overcoming disinformation with data and informed decision making.

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