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Student Resources at McCourt

Open Textbook in Library

Academic Support at McCourt

Get information on applying for disability support, as well as the McCourt Writing Center and other academic resources. Also includes link for International Student Resources.

Business Morning

Career Resources

Learn more about the Office of Career Development and Alumni Engagement at McCourt and the McCourt Connects portal.

Healthy Food

Food Resources

Learn more about Food Resources on and around Georgetown's campus including the Hoya Hub Food Pantry.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Physical & Mental Health Resources

Get in-the-know on emergency phone numbers and associated resources for Student Health Services and CAPS.

Holding Hands

Title IX & Sexual Assault Resources

Check out Georgetown's webinar on how they are responding and adapting to the new Title IX regulations. Includes links for Sexual Assault Resources and Support Systems at McCourt and Georgetown.

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